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    I just finished a one mile run here in the snow, in the first major snowfall of the winter. The reason I ran this is because one of our PGC directors, Sam Allen, challenged me to join him on this 49-Day Challenge of seven different challenges over seven different weeks.

    The first week is to run a mile, every single day.

    I got home from Vermont late last night and went down to a track and ran. I’m typically not a runner. Then this morning, I thought, “I got to get it out of the way.” So came outside and ran in the back. And I tell you, you’ll push yourself to another level when you have somebody who challenges you, who does something with you.

    And so my simple challenge for you today is to find somebody, a friend, a teammate, a family member, a colleague at work and challenge them to something.

    A seven-day challenge, a small 10-day challenge, maybe even a 30-day challenge. Seven and 10 days are the best ones because they’re achievable. Maybe it’s something regarding health and healthy eating or not eating something. Maybe it’s a run or working out seven straight days, or maybe it’s a social media detox or reading a book every day for 20 minutes.

    Whatever it might be, find somebody around you to make you better. Nothing will bring out the best in you like somebody else challenging you to something. So I would love to hear what you choose, drop in a note and post what you’re going to challenge somebody else in to bring out the best in you and someone around you.

    And that’s your Monday Mindset and Monday Challenge.

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