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  • As part of the random coaching nuggets series, here is my second entry featuring some more notes from the 2009 Coaches Self-Improvement Clinic:

    Doc Rivers on Building Team Chemistry:

    • Work on team building and chemistry everyday watching it with a close eye.
    • Move seats around the locker room and put players together and use it to separate others as well.
    • If a player has an event, every player and coach must go.
    • Sometimes you have to force guys to hang out with their teammates.

    Lawrence Frank on Becoming a Successful Coach (as told to him by Jeff Van Gundy):

    • Work Ethic
    • Competency – Know your subject matter. As a coach, you must know the answers before the questions are asked.
    • Sincerity / Trustworthiness
    • Reliability

    Jeff Goodman (Fox Sports Net) on Dealing with the Media:

    • Have your players get to know media members. Maybe not on a deep, personal level, but having them go up to a writer and introduce themselves is helpful to both parties, maybe during a shoot-around or light practice.

    Kevin Eastman on the 3 Factors for an Ideal Defensive Possession:

    • 1. No penetration
    • 2. If there is penetration, no shots off that penetration.
    • 3. No shots in the first three passes.



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