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    In life, lots of things are hard, but we often get to choose our hard.

    Being diligent in high school to train for my basketball career every single day before school, and again in college was hard, but falling short of my potential and not realizing my dreams would’ve been even harder.

    Choosing to save my money every single day and not spend money on frivolous snacks or other things at convenience stores and cafeterias was hard, especially while my friends were buying things every day. But not having money to take my family on holidays or buy a house one day would have probably been harder.

    Choosing to put the best things in my body every day that take care of my body, including drinking predominantly water is hard, but being sick at really inconvenient times or getting old and not being mobile or not being healthy is probably much harder in life.

    We get to choose, not all of our hard, but some of the hard things that we experience.

    So choose your hard.

    You can either pay now or pay later. So choose your hard.

    That’s my challenge, and that’s your Monday Mindset.

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