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  • Rick Torbett is the founder and lead basketball instructor for the Better Basketball DVDs. In this PGC (online) Coaching Clinic, Coach Torbett shares his thoughts on:

    • Advantages of the Read & React Offense on player development
    • How to influence shot selection in your basketball team’s offense
    • Developing the basketball intelligence of your players
    • How to transfer basketball drills over to games
    • Time required to implement the ‘layers’ of the Read & React Offense

    Part 1

    Coaching Clinic – Rick Torbett_1

    Part 2

    Coaching Clinic – Rick Torbett_2

    Learn more about better Basketball on their website; or, visit their blog, The Tribe, to participate in coaching discussions, access diagrams and see video footage from Better Basketball’s instructional DVDs.


    PGC Basketball is committed to supporting and accelerating the development of basketball coaches. Each summer hundreds of coaches from around the world attend summer courses as an integral part of their professional development.

    “I’ve been involved in the great game of basketball for 25 years, and I learned more in the first three hours at PGC than in any ten years that I’ve spent in the game.” —Coach Evan Woodward, RICHLAND, WASHINGTON.


    Join PGC Basketball and discover how to become a playmaker, lead your team, and run the show.
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    In 2011, PGC launched a series of online coaching clinics that feature some of the top basketball minds in basketball. Each month coaches can get exclusive access to insights on practice planning, player development, game strategy; and so much more!

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    PGC Basketball provides intense, no-nonsense basketball training for players and coaches. Our basketball camps are designed to teach players of all positions to play smart basketball, be coaches on the court, and be leaders in practices, games and in everyday life.

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