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  • Head Coach Mike Thibault of the Connecticut Sun, has firmly established himself as one of the premier coaches in the WNBA.

    Currently the longest-serving coach in the league, Coach Thibault is a two-time WNBA Coach of the Year. His winning percentage is first among active coaches, and fifth all time in league history.

    Coach Thibault’s many accomplishments includes being an assistant coach with the women’s USA Basketball team that won the gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics and serving as an assistant coach with the NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers (1980 and 1982).

    Listen in as Coach Thibault shares his insights during the PGC online coaching clinics series.

    Part 1



    • Maximizing your time as a coach once the season ends
    • Off-season improvement and balancing player development between drills that fit your offense and those that improve the strengths/weaknesses of one’s basketball players
    • Questions good basketball coaches should ask before the start of their season and at the end season
    Part 2



    • Understanding the different type of energy required on offense versus defense
    • Developing the psyche of your best players
    • What to watch for when breaking down film
    Part 3



    • Important statistics to track on the sideline during games
    • Coaching basketball players who play better in practice than in games
    • Defending the pick and roll (ball screens)


    PGC Basketball is committed to supporting and accelerating the development of basketball coaches. Each summer hundreds of coaches from around the world attend summer courses as an integral part of their professional development.

    “I’ve been involved in the great game of basketball for 25 years, and I learned more in the first three hours at PGC than in any ten years that I’ve spent in the game.” —Coach Evan Woodward, RICHLAND, WASHINGTON.


    Join us this summer and discover how to become a playmaker, lead your team, and run the show.
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    In 2011, PGC launched a series of online coaching clinics that feature some of the top basketball minds in basketball. Each month coaches can get exclusive access to insights on practice planning, player development, game strategy; and so much more!

    See all PGC currently has to offer for basketball coaches.


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