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  • Head Coach, Brian Agler, led the the Seattle Storm to an impressive Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) championship run in 2010 including and 21-0 home record. He has served as the Storm’s head coach since 2008; while also recently assuming the role of director of player personnel.

    Tune in below as Coach Agler shares his thoughts on a range of topics include player development, establishing your coaching philosophy, communicating effectively with basketball players; among others.

    Part 1

    Agler Interview – Part 1


    • Things high school coaches can do to help their athletes stand out and make the transition to college basketball
    • Teaching a group of basketball players in order to help them become a team
    • Developing trust and “buy-in” from your basketball players
    • Coach Agler’s personal basketball philosophy
    • Creating an offense around your personnel or creating an offense and fitting your players into it
    Part 2

    Agler Interview – Part 2


    • Effectively communicating with star basketball players like Sue Bird and Lauren Jackson (including how to get input from players, how to challenge your star player)
    • Transitioning college basketball players to the WNBA
    • Areas of focus going into a WNBA Training Camp
    • WNBA Practice Plan
    Part 3

    Agler Interview – Part 3


    • Philosophy behind skill development in the Seattle Storm practices
    Part 4

    Agler Interview – Part 4


    • What resources have you used or recommend for learning the game of basketball and developing as a coach?
    • What specifics do you see need to be worked on in skill development in the youth?
    • Do you script plays? And if so, how much will you script for a game?
    • What specific offense would you suggest having two back to the basket players in the post?
    • Do you have any practice work for reducing turnovers?
    • How do you get rookies acquainted/integrated to your team?
    • What is your number #1 piece of advice for first time coaches?
    • How does an AAU coach take it to the next level?
    Part 5

    Agler Interview – Part 5


    • If you had to do things over, what would you do differently?
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