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  • The content in this series called “Dear Coach DeVenzio,” are actual questions and answers – mostly unedited – to share with you more insight into Dick DeVenzio (Founder, Point Guard Basketball College); whose philosophies form the foundation for all our leadership and basketball training programs and new initiatives.


    Dear Coach:

    I have an extremely talented 12 year old (6th grader) who plays in AAU and “cruises” through the league. I think he would be a great candidate to attend your basketball camp in a couple of years or as soon as you’ll take him.

    Question: Do you know of another highly competitive guard or point guard basketball camp that I could send him to in the mean time?

    Your help is much appreciated. –Greg (Clombia, Missouri)



    My best recommendation would be to put him on a program to shoot one thousand shots a day throughout the summer. Each one with the proper form. Each one counted, so he knows every day whether or not he has improved. When I get him in a couple of years, if he has great talent and a great shot, it will be very easy to help him with the rest of his game. Thanks. I would very much enjoy working with him in the future. Dick DeVenzio.



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