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  • Today’s Monday Mindset: How to Stand Out in Anything

    I just had to shoot this video for all of you because it reminds me of a teaching from our PGC Basketball Camps in which we talk about the 100, 300 and $500-boys.

    And there were three brothers who all got paid differently by the same boss and the father couldn’t understand why his three sons made different amounts.

    I won’t go into the entire story, but basically, at the end of the day, the $100-boy didn’t even do what he was asked to do consistently, did less than his share. The $300-boy did just what was asked of him. And the $500 boy did more than what was asked of him, went way beyond expectations.

    And the reason I say that is if you could see this young man behind me, he’s a ninth-grader who is a family friend of ours, and he’s been helping me around our property as my boys have gone off to college.

    His name is Dylan. And he has consistently shown up as a $500-boy. He’s done more than his share.

    And we were just working on a couple of things outside together and I had the next project in mind for him. I showed him the project and I went inside to make a call.

    And he finished the previous project quickly, which I’ve had to other guys work at our place and they were looking at their phones and they’d get distracted and they’d walk around slowly, but he is brisk and fast-paced. He’ll be carrying multiple pieces of equipment at the same time. He just consistently amazes me with how hard he’s working.

    And in addition to that, when he finished the job, he went and looked for the tools, he didn’t stand around waiting for me. I saw him walking with the electrical cord and this little saw that he had found in our workspace. And he was already starting on the next job before I had even given him instructions.

    He was showing up as a $500-boy.

    My challenge to you is whether you’re a student, whether you’re an athlete, whether you’re a worker in the workforce, whatever it is, seek to show up as a $500-worker.

    Not just doing your share, not doing less than your share, not doing just what was asked of you, but consistently doing more than what is asked of you, or doing it before you’re even asked.

    ​A big shout out to my man, Dylan, looking forward to him working with us for many years to come showing up as a $500-boy. And I hope you will too, in everything you do.

    And that’s your Monday mindset.

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