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  • Today’s Monday Mindset: An Unexpected Surprise

    All right, I’ve got a super cool story for you.

    This literally just happened. I received a phone call from my favorite author of all time. He wrote Season of Life: A Football Star, a Boy, a Journey to Manhood.

    I grabbed a copy from my office because I’ve literally given nearly hundred of copies of this book away since I first read it back in 2010.

    The reason he randomly gave me a call is because he came across a thank you card as he was cleaning out his office. I had written him this card back in 2010 letting him know how impacted I had been by the book.

    He happened to look up the PGC Basketball website as I had included a business card in the thank you note. Then he saw that PGC was founded by Dick DeVenzio. And it turned out that he actually knew Dick DeVenzio.

    So he reached out to me to see what the connection was. I shared with him the history of how Dick had founded Point Guard College and after he passed away, we’ve continued on his legacy.

    Anyway, it was amazing speaking with him. I was so delighted to speak with him because this book is a must read – Season of Life by Jeffrey Marx.

    Today’s Monday Mindset is just around the theme that you never know what goes around, comes around. If you put good out in the world, how it may come back to you in some unknown way.

    When I sent the thank you card, and I like to do that with authors or anybody if I hear a really good speaker, I’ll try and reach out to them in some form or fashion to just thank them for how I’ve been touched by what they shared.

    You never know how things may come back to be a blessing to you later. So, this is nearly 12 years later and he reaches out to me based on a card I had sent.

    So my challenge to you today is put good out in the world. You never know how it’ll come back at you full circle. That’s your Monday mindset.

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