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  • Today’s Monday Mindset: Take a Deep Breath

    It’s 12:30 in the morning. I’ve been on this plane for an hour and haven’t been able to de board. I was flying from South Carolina at the end of a PGC session, over to Virginia for another session.

    In Charlotte, we just couldn’t get off the plane and some passengers were getting really upset.

    My challenge for you, is to just take a breath, anytime you’re in a stressful situation, feeling anxious, or nervous.

    My challenge to you is really simply this.

    Even now we’ve got a little rain.

    Whatever it is – if you’re in a situation and you can feel yourself getting ruffled, getting worked up – take a slow, deep breath. It’ll change you physiologically, it’ll change you emotionally.

    You’re only one, slow, deep breath from getting back to a place of calm. From getting back to a place of center.

    There were definitely some people on the flight who needed to take a breath. Sure, it wasn’t an ideal circumstance…12:30 at night, sitting on a plane for an hour, waiting to de board.

    But, when that happens to you, and trust me, if you travel enough or you live life enough, you’ll be in all sorts of situations like this.

    Take a deep breath and get back to a better place. That’s my challenge to you.

    You’re always just one breath away, from being at a better place.

    That’s your Monday Mindset.

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