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  • Today’s Monday Mindset: Be About It

    For the past several years, I’ve had this idea of a climbing structure that I’ve wanted to build to be able to work out on over the next 25 to 30 years. So that when I’m in my seventies, I’m still in peak shape.

    I had this climbing structure built behind me, which you can see it’s got the rings as I love to do gymnastics types of things, the pull up bar, the far side’s got a peg board. You can’t see, but there’s a rope to climb with a little bell at the top. And I had this put in finally, but I realized something. I had been thinking about it, I’d even been talking about it, but nothing comes to life when you just think about it and talk about it, you got to be about it. And so my challenge to you is to think about, what do you need to be about? What’s something in your life that you’ve just been stalling on, procrastinating on?

    You might be coming up with all sorts of reasons why this can’t happen, or you can’t do that. You can’t take that that trip, you can’t build that, you can’t bring that dream to life. And my challenge to you today is to stop thinking about it, stop dreaming about it, stop talking about it and to be about it.

    If you want to accomplish things, if you want to get things done, I can’t think of anything more significant than to just to take the philosophy, I’m going to be about it.

    Those who be about it, get things done.

    They bring dreams to life.

    Stop thinking about it.

    Stop talking about it.

    Be about it.

    That’s your Monday Mindset.

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