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  • Today’s Monday Mindset: See Their Hearts

    So we have lots of camps going on presently. And last week, I had conversations with two different summer staff members in which some issues had arisen, and I needed to have a coaching conversation with them.

    It would’ve been so easy to have judged them for their behavior. But rather than judging, what I chose to do, and what I attempt to coach all of our PGC staff into, is to deeply hear someone’s heart, to see their heart, because it’s so easy just to see their behavior.

    When we only see the behavior of others, whether it’s a teammate, a friend, a classmate, a coworker, a family member, we tend to just become critical, and we judge them for how they’ve showed up.

    When you attempt to see beyond their behavior, when you attempt to see their heart, you realize the good because 99.9% of people have a great heart. They want the best for others. They want to do good. They want to help, not hurt. They want to be a caring, loving individual. They don’t want to be selfish or put themselves before others.

    Sometimes, our behaviors don’t always align with our heart. But when you take the time to get outside of judgment and criticism – to see beyond their behaviors, see the deepest part of their heart, what you’ll come to see is the good.

    It’ll help you to look beyond their behaviors, and be able to extend grace to them instead of judgment. So put that into practice today. See their heart.

    That’s your Monday Mindset.

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