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  • Today’s Monday Mindset: Take the Opposing View

    Presented by: Mano Watsa, President of PGC Basketball Camps

    We see every day on social media people arguing about their perspectives on anything under the sun.

    And here’s my challenge for you to take the opposing view.

    The next time you’re in a conversation with somebody and they believe something different than you, or they think something different than you see if you can try your best to truly understand why they think or believe what they do instead of arguing against them.

    See if you can try and understand why their perspective may quite possibly be in fact the right one to hold.

    And if you’re willing to, if you’re brave and courageous enough to step into somebody else’s perspective, you’ll broaden your horizons, you’ll broaden your perspective.

    Who knows, you might even in fact choose to take on their perspective, but at minimum, you’ll have a better understanding and a broader understanding of the topic altogether.

    So see if you can put that into practice.

    Take the opposing view, that’s your Monday Mindset.

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