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  • Playing on a team with great morale is one of the very best experiences life has to offer. And playing on a team racked with dissension is one of the worst.

    There are a lot of ways to build team morale but the methods are not as important as the desire. If your team consists of a group of players who don’t care about playing on a real team, a lot of methods will fail. On the other hand if a group of players really wants to work together for a common goal, usually it can be accomplished.

    You have to work at building team morale. And it never stops, though once you get things going positively, it gets a lot easier. Once things start going downhill, it gets harder. Most important, be active. Don’t leave team morale up to the coach, or the team captain, or the star, or oldest or toughest or meanest player. It is up to you. Bond before you battle.


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    About PGC

    PGC Basketball provides intense, no-nonsense basketball training for players and coaches. Our basketball camps are designed to teach players of all positions to play smart basketball, be coaches on the court, and be leaders in practices, games and in everyday life.

    We combine our unique PGC culture with a variety of teaching methods and learning environments to maximize the learning potential of those that attend our sessions. In addition to spending 6-7 hours on the court each day, lessons will be reinforced through classroom sessions and video analysis.

    Our goal at PGC is to empower you with the tools to fulfill your basketball dreams, while also assisting you in experiencing the joy of the journey.

    To learn more about PGC Basketball, including additional basketball training tips and videos, visit our YouTube Channel or find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.