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  • Want better teammates on your roster this season?

    You should.

    Here’s the PGC Basketball 10 (teammate) commandments every coach must teach their players.

      1. Thou shalt be the thermostat, not the thermometer.

      Avoid being a thermometer, who walks into the gym & lets the environment dictate their energy.

      Instead, be an energy giver who forces others around you to raise their temperature to the level you set. Players who bring constant energy make everything more competitive. They also make it more fun.

      So Step 1 to being a great teammate: bring energy every day!

      2. Thou shalt be the hype man

      Be the player who…

      • gives a big high 5
      • yells “AND ONE” for a teammate
      • waves the towel after a charge, and
      • makes every teammate feel special during their big moments.

      Celebrate your teammate’s success more than your own.

      3. Thou shalt use the Magic Johnson Effect

      Magic Johnson was known for feeding his teammates confidence.

      “Kareem, no one can stop the sky hook! James, no big can run with you. Coop, best defender in the league!”

      Make sure everyone knows how much you believe in them.

      4. Thou shalt pick up teammates after mistakes.

      Mistakes happen a lot!

      They won’t win or lose the game, but the response to that mistake will.

      Be the player that lets a teammate know it’s ok, and encourages them in tough moments.

      5. Thou shalt get touches.

      This one’s simple. Give more:

      • high fives
      • knuckle touches
      • flying chest bumps

      Scientists at UC Berkeley released a study that claimed the touchiest teams were typically the best ones. In fact, one time a guy tracked how many positive touches Steve Nash gave in one game.

      The answer? 239.

      Touch builds trust & passes energy from one player to the next.

      6. Thou shalt use a 6:1 ratio.

      For every 6 pieces of positive interaction…

      (high five, hyping them up, picking them up after a mistake, feeding them confidence)…

      …you can give one piece of criticism.

      If you give too much criticism, you’ll lose trust and spark frustration in your teammates.

      7. Thou shalt giveth reminders & coaching.

      Once you master commandments 1-6, you’re ready to give feedback/coaching.

      But remember, deliver it with:

      • love
      • care and
      • honesty

      Because the truth is…

      …It won’t matter what you say if you aren’t saying it the correct way with the right tone.

      8. Thou shalt bring massive bench energy.

      Cheering from the bench shows you’re unselfish, care about others success & are willing to contribute in any way.

      It shows you care about the bigger picture. — the teams success.

      Who doesn’t love playing with those kind of teammates?

      9. Thou shalt take the blame.

      When mistakes happen, bad teams point fingers & blame each other.

      Great teams have players who take ownership. Who cares if it wasn’t your fault? Own the mistake, get a touch to establish trust & move on!

      It’s what the great ones do.

      In fact, Sue Bird once said, Geno Auriemma told her, “every mistake the team made was her fault.” Because she was the best player and it’s always the fault of the best player.

      10. Thou shalt give up what is best for you in service of what is best for the group.

      Not everyone can start, or lead the team in shots, or play the role they want. The best embrace the role they have and become a star in that role.

      Great teammates are willing to sacrifice for the good of the team.


      While many of these commandments are not easy to execute on, they are what make good teams great.

      For all the players reading this, take just 1 of these commandments and own it as you head into your next practice or game.

      For coaches reading this, let’s continue to teach players what it looks like to be a great teammate. Because as we both know, this is all just a practice in how to live life. How to build relationships. How to support the people around you.

      So let’s keep teaching and learning!

      Until next time,

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