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    Every coach wants players who compete. Truth is, we believe players want to compete, but don’t always know what that means.

    Let’s define it.

    Competing is constantly working for small advantages over your opponent.

    Here’s 4 examples of what that looks like.

    1. When you don’t have the ball on the wing, do you stand and wait…

      …or do you drift and burst to elude your defender?

      Small advantage.

    2. When you’re crashing the boards, do you allow the opponent to effortlessly box you out…

      …or do you initiate swim moves to gain position & get the ball?

      Small advantage..

    3. When you’re running the lane, are you content to run neck & neck with the defender…

      …or are you sprinting to get one-step ahead?

      Small advantage..

    4. When you set a screen, do you walk into position…

      …or sprint in to get your teammate more open?

      Small advantage.

    As you read this, your brain is probably working on more examples! Comment below and add to this list!

    The point is…

    …before saying the kid is, “soft and lazy,” define terms and tell them how they win.

    When you do this, there’s a good chance your players will respond. There’s a good chance they’ll start to do the things you told them you care about. And over time, it becomes a part of their DNA.

    They become a player you like coaching and one you call, “tough and competitive.”

    Oo and there’s a good chance you start to win more games. 😉

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