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  • Hi, it’s Mano.

    I’m often asked to compare the state of basketball in Canada to the US (as I live in Canada).

    It’s difficult to do, as each state and province operate so differently when it comes to high school and AAU basketball.

    But, I see a similar theme in both countries and it’s simply this:

    The system is broken.

    Maybe not entirely, and maybe not everywhere, but for the most part our system for development is broken.

    Here’s why…

    1. Life lessons get missed. Sports are supposed to teach life lessons and equip athletes for success in other aspects of life. This is what we hope for as parents, but if coaches and trainers don’t know how to connect the dots, this gets missed.

    2. Anyone can coach a summer team. Teachers require degrees, but coaching often just requires a whistle and a willingness to show up. As a result, many coaches aren’t equipped to help a player (or team) fully develop or live up to their potential.

    3. High school coaches don’t have enough time. There’s rarely enough time to develop players holistically. Mental training, leadership development, decision-training, and developing a player’s basketball IQ get compromised by a focus on systems, plays and game preparation.

    4. It’s more than skill development. Personal trainers typically only focus on skills, which are important, but a player can develop their skills and still not know how to play the game.

    5. Players don’t have a blueprint. There are countless players who want to become the best player they’re capable of, but they don’t know-how. As parents, we want to do everything we can to help, but we often don’t know how either.

    As a result of these shortcomings, players are disappointed by their experiences in the game, and parents are frustrated seeing their kids fall short of their potential.

    This is heartbreaking.

    At PGC, we believe you deserve more…

    We believe every player deserves to know how to unlock their potential. We believe every player deserves to be introduced to an intelligent approach to the game. We believe every player deserves to discover how to be a leader on and off the court and how to create a vibrant team culture. And, we believe every player deserves to know how to use the game to propel themselves to success in life.

    This is the heart behind all we do at PGC.

    And it’s the reason we’ve spent so many years developing a transformational curriculum for each of our PGC camps.

    We don’t think any player should go through their career without experiencing everything basketball can be.

    And we know there are thousands of dedicated players who want to discover how to think the game, how to truly lead a team and run the show, and how to use basketball as a springboard to success in everything they do in life.

    Players like Justin Conway, the former Princeton University team captain, who said:

    “Not only did my physical skills improve at PGC, but I learned valuable lessons on how to study, examine and think the game that I had never been exposed to before. The teaching I received helped me to become a better teammate and leader—both on and off the court.”

    There are also countless players who have been burned by the system, are on the brink of giving up, and need to regain their passion for the game.

    Melissa Golo, a PGC grad, felt like this and said:

    “In 8th grade, I absolutely wanted to quit basketball. But, I went to PGC before my freshman year and it renewed my passion for basketball.”

    This is why we do what we do.

    And if you believe what we believe — whether you are a player, a coach, or even a parent (yes, you can observe a PGC camp too…) — we invite you to join us for a week at PGC this summer.

    For the love of the game,


    P.S. If you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to find your camp and reserve your spot soon, as many of our camps are close to selling out.


    We’re excited to give you three free videos! Inside these videos, you’ll discover how to become an Unstoppable Playmaker.

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