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    So, this was a big weekend for us as both of our boys moved out to head to school at the University of Waterloo, our alma mater. And I’m sitting here journaling right now, reflecting on the passage of time, and I thought I would shoot this Monday Mindset to encourage you.

    As I was thinking back how days seemed long, especially when our kids were really little in the toddler stage but then you realize that the weeks, months, and years fly by. I was journaling and reflecting on the passage of time and thinking about how we can either waste time or invest time. And it’s so easy just to think about killing time, spending time, wasting time.

    My challenge to you is to really evaluate how you invest your time. What does your time go to each day? Is it going into things that are helping you and benefiting others? Where does your time go? And as I think about how quickly these years flew by, I’m more conscious than ever before of the passage of time and how I want to make every day, every hour, every minute count, to have an impact on others in some positive way.

    My question (and challenge) for you is how are you investing your time each day? And that’s your Monday Mindset.

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