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  • Today’s Monday Mindset: What’s Your Pyramid?

    I think you already know where I’m at as it’s a dead giveaway.

    We’ve just had a view of the Sphinx. So quick history, the Sphinx carved out of rock, the head of a man, the body of a lion. And then, of course, the great pyramids behind me.

    Some interesting facts about the pyramids.

    First of all, pyramid Kofu, which is the largest one, has over 2.3 million stones – 2.3 million. Some of them were brought as far as 25 kilometers, so 15 -18 miles in distance. Just unbelievable.

    They used ramps to get the stones one on top of each other 4,500 years ago. Engineers to this day are amazed at these pyramids and how they were built with such perfection.

    As I was standing at the base of the pyramids just a few minutes ago, I couldn’t help but think about the unbelievable vision that someone had to build these pyramids and to carve this Sphinx out of stone.

    And as I was thinking about vision, it just got me thinking, “Gosh, I’ve got to dream bigger dreams.”

    So, my challenge to you today is to think about the dreams you have because everything we see around us starts with somebody who had a vision for something.

    In fact, even standing here at the pyramids, this was a vision I had decades ago. When I was a teenager, I thought, “I want to get to the pyramids one day.” And here I am now, a few decades later, standing in front of the pyramid, shooting this video.

    And my challenge to you is to think about what is your preferred future?

    None of us are going to build a pyramid that’s going to last 4,500 years, but there is a dream within each of us, and not everything is possible.

    We’re all limited by time, energy and resources. Obviously, they had a tremendous amount of resources. It was thought that nearly 100,000 people helped to build these great pyramids. We’re limited but most of us don’t think of our preferred future.

    How would we like our lives to be different? How do we want our relationships to be in the future? What do we want our career to be in the future? How do we want to impact others in the future?

    And while not everything is possible. I’m not one of those guys who just thinks you can achieve anything. We can achieve things much greater than what we think is possible.

    We can’t achieve anything. If you’re 5’1″, and slow, and 29 years old, your chances of becoming an NBA player are probably nill. So, it’s important that you’re somewhat realistic in terms of what is possible, but I could tell you what is possible is far greater than what we tend to think is possible.

    My challenge to you today is just to think about, what is your preferred future? What is a dream that you have inside of you for a different life, a better life, greater impact in this world? And of course, once you have the vision, then you have to do what these guys did, which is plan and map it out, put pen to paper to figure out how you’re going to bring that vision to life. And then, actually execute on the vision, which is the hardest part, but it starts with having a dream.

    And so my challenge to you today, as I bring to life one of my bucket list items, is to think about what’s on your bucket list. What is your preferred future in the next year? Something you want to do, accomplish, see, experience in the next decade or in your lifetime. Put pen to paper. It’ll propel you forward in bringing that vision to life.

    And that’s your Monday Mindset.

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