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    I was at a convenience store yesterday morning. And I was talking with the cashier and asked how they’d been surviving in light of the pandemic. And he said, “It’s just been brutal.”

    Turns out it was a family-owned business. He was the son. And he said, “We’re going to find a way through.” He said, “Somehow, someway, we’re going to find a way.”

    And it just reminded me of the resilience within the human spirit. The human spirit, the ability to make it through any circumstance, no matter how difficult.

    And it reminded me of the book, Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. And Viktor Frankl survived the Holocaust, survived a concentration camp. And he wrote a book about what he learned as a psychologist, going through the concentration camps and coming out on the other side of it. And he talked about purpose in life and the human spirit and the ability to make it through anything; a lesson we often teach at our PGC Basketball Camps.

    ​And my encouragement to you today, obviously this pandemic has gone on and on and on, and no matter what you’ve been going through, I want you to know that there are not just tens of thousands, there are millions of people who are making it through this and finding the grit and the fortitude and the determination to persevere. No matter how difficult the circumstances may be for you, I want you to know you’ve got this, and we’ve got this together.

    And maybe there’s somebody you know, that you need to just remind today, “Hey, you’ve got this.” When I was coaching basketball teams, if we were down by 10 in the fourth quarter, and there was only a minute and a half left in the game, I would remind our team in a timeout, “Hey, we’ve got this, we’ve got this. We will find a way, we’ll find a way to come back. We’ll find a way to win.”

    I want you to know, today you’ve got this.

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