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  • PGC Director, Lyndsey Fennelly (far right), was a contestant in the 2007 NCAA Three Point Shooting Championships

    As a former Division I basketball player and WNBA draftee, this is the time of year is when I miss being a competitive athlete the most. I loved the pre-season and would use the upcoming season as motivation to finish that last bench press or shooting set. However, as a basketball teacher-coach who has spent a great amount of time on court these past few weeks training basketball players to prepare for their season, I’ve come to realize that I do have a few regrets from my years of training. I share them so you can re-consider what you’re doing these next few weeks as you prepare for try-outs and the first basketball games of the season.

    I Wish I Woulda…
    • Spent an extra 20 minutes in the gym working on my mid-range game
    • Utilized every resource to improve my foot speed and body strength versus just doing the status quo in workouts
    • Taken five (5) minutes a day to improve my core strength
    • Held my follow through more consistently in finishing my shots
    • Spent time with the basketball coaching staff to identify my defensive weaknesses and correct them prior to games
    • Watched film from some of the best basketball players on how to attack ball screens
    • Listened to my parents when they said I should be getting more sleep
    • Engaged more of my teammates to get up extra shots on a daily basis
    • Focused more during individual pre-season workouts with a ‘rage to improve’
    • Heard the older players when they suggested, “you’ll be amazed at how quickly this time goes by”

    Now, don’t get me wrong. I worked pretty hard, had a fairly successful career, and have few regrets about my competitive basketball years. However, when I see athletes coasting through workouts or spending more time on Facebook than they do on their game, it makes me wish that they will never have to write an “I Wish I Woulda” blog too.

    The time is now for you to get motivated and get moving in preparing for this upcoming season!


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