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  • Hydration is undervalued, but every great athlete knows they have to stay hydrated. Here’s the best way to tell if you are properly hydrated:

    When you go to the bathroom, look at your urine.

    • If it’s clear. You’re Hydrated. Well Done.
    • If there’s any coloring in it. You’re already dehydrated. It’s too late.
    • If it’s yellow. You need to drink some water. Immediately.
    • If it’s brown. You need to see a doctor.

    Some athletes believe that sports drinks can help them have more energy and can fuel them in performance but what they don’t know is that most sports drinks have the exact two main ingredients as soda. There are actually more electrolytes in a banana and a glass of water than those sports drinks and coconut water has 5x as many electrolytes as that sugary sports drink. So although soda and those sports drinks may taste good, great athletes and high level athletes understand that they have to put only the best fuel into their body and liquid is a huge part of that fuel.


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    If I were you and I was a serious training athlete, I’d commit to avoiding the soda and avoiding the sports drinks and just stick to water and 100% natural coconut water. You’ll be glad you did. You’ll have more energy and you’ll shoot better.

    A study was done over the course of 8 months of high school and college aged athletes. The moment at which they became dehydrated varied from athlete to athlete but the study showed that when the athletes shot in a state of dehydration, they lost depth perception. Depth perception is key to shooting accuracy. The dehydrated athletes shot 8% lower. In the 2015-2016 NBA season, Chris Paul shot 37% from beyond the arc while Steph Curry shot 8% higher at 45% from beyond the arc.

    So stay hydrated with water and coconut water. You’ll be glad you did.


    DISCLAIMER: Chad Songy is NOT a Registered Dietician or Sports Nutritionist. Thanks for watching!

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