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  • Today’s Monday Mindset: How to Stop Worrying

    By: President of PGC Basketball, Mano Watsa

    Do you struggle with worry, anxiety or fear over the future? And if you struggle with worry, you know that it just eats away at your soul. It robs you of peace and joy and being able to be present in the moment.

    So how do you change that?

    Well this past weekend, I was working as a high performance coach with someone who’s at the top of their game in their field. Yet, despite being a high performer they were wrestling with worry about the future. And as I began to process through and dialogue through with them about their struggles, what became abundantly clear is the root of that worry.

    It’s the same root of worry for nearly all of us. And interestingly enough, the root of the worry is the questions that we ask ourselves.

    If you tried to swim across one of the great lakes and you searched on Google, all the different ways that people have drowned in Lake Erie, you’d probably get pretty discouraged about the thought of trying to swim across Lake Erie. I mean, it’s a pretty long distance, but if you were trying to swim across and you were asking questions like what if I don’t make it? You would think of all the things that would cause fear and anxiety and worry.

    But if you asked questions like how am I going to celebrate once I make it? What am I going to do the moment I’ve gotten out of the water the other side? That will create a whole set of different feelings and emotions.

    If you want to get rid of worry in your life – change the questions that you’re asking yourself.

    You have to retrain your brain to ask better questions.

    Choose your questions carefully. The best thing you can do is start to pay attention to the questions that you’re asking yourself. Ask better questions and you’ll get better answers that will help you to feel better so that you can be full of joy and full of peace and present in every moment.

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