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    I have my cousin, who you may have met a few weeks past in a Monday Mindset, just down visiting for the evening. We just got done dinner, we’re sitting here in our living room and our dog, Pepper, is modeling a characteristic that everyone needs to be successful. I love the term that my cousin Jonathan gave to it, he called it Passionate Persistence.

    Passionate Persistence is the unrelenting pursuit of a goal. For our dog Pepper, who I’m about to show you in a second, that goal is simply to be pet. Let me go ahead and flip the screen and just show you how Pepper responds if she’s not being pet. Because she goes after nearly anybody who visits with a Passionate Persistence to be pet. Let’s take a look at it here.

    The moment you stop petting her, she’s going to lick, she’s going to nudge, she’s going to beg to be pet. This is my cousin Jonathan, not even trying. The moment goes still, and if she goes away, she goes away looking for somebody else to be pet. Let me bring it back to me here. Oh, she’s not done. She’s circling. That is Passionate Persistence. She’ll go after his hands, she’ll go after his legs. She will find a way.

    That’s Passionate Persistence.

    When you’re Passionately Persisting in something, the best way to do it is to not be attached to the outcome. Do not let your happiness be attached to the outcome because if your happiness is attached to the outcome, you’re far more likely to actually get discouraged, frustrated, angry with the outcome you’re not getting. It’s only going to narrow your focus, reduce your creativity and stop you from truly being able to Passionately Persist in something.

    So, be like our dog Pepper the Standard Poodle and demonstrate Passionate Persistence in anything you want to pursue in life.

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