How to Make Your Coach Love You

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a little extra love? If you want to be loved by your basketball coach (and this can apply to your teachers, a boss, or even your parents), follow these three simple rules.

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Why Excuses are So Bad

Excuses hurt teams, not just because they waste time and kill team morale (and a coach’s morale), but because they reveal that the player making them has a very off-line focus. An excuse-maker can’t possibly be using his energy thinking about how to enhance what is going on or about to go on because, obviously, he is putting his time into explanations and justifications.

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Why Do We Coach?

One of the great pleasures that comes with being involved in PGC Basketball is getting to interact with basketball coaches and players who desire championship-level growth in their game. Because of that, I often find myself reflecting on ‘what’ we teach and ‘why’ we teach it.

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How to Become a Leader on Your Basketball Team

What does it take to truly become the leader of your team? Why can’t you afford to ‘mind your own business’ on a basketball team driven to winning championships? What are the crucial keys to bringing out the best in your teammates?

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