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  • I don’t want to live my life like anybody else. I don’t want to look around and say ‘I’m just keeping up.’ Or I look like you or walk like you or talk like you. I want to be the person that sets the standard.

    Set the standard. Set the tone with your leadership. With your approach. With your mentality. When you are at home, people should look at you differently. You should embrace that and say:

    “You know what, I am different. I work different. I walk different. I talk different. I live above the line. I’m here to set the standard. So regardless of what you say, I’m going to embrace because I love being this person.” 

    But what usually happens when you start living differently is that you apply silent pressure to yourself. It is not your teammates or friends, that start to make you crazy, but ourselves. We start telling ourselves this story that allows us to be mediocre. 

    It sounds like this,

    • “My friend may stop liking me if I don’t hang out with him more so maybe I shouldn’t put us as many shots.”
    • “Or this person won’t hang out with me if I don’t get yogurt with her right now so maybe I shouldn’t study.”
    • “Or this person won’t go out with me anymore if I don’t go to this party so maybe I shouldn’t get this workout in.”

    There are countless other stories we tell ourselves everyday. We compromise our dreams because we are afraid of what someone else thinks. Stop it.

    Don’t buy into the silent pressure. Strive to be respected before liked because in the long run, the people that simply like you will fall off anyways.

    When you go on a journey toward your dream, here is some hard truth, there are some people you are going to lose as friends. There are people who won’t understand your grind or your focus and if they don’t, they can’t go with you. This wasn’t the ride for them and you have to be okay with that. You have be fine with being different. Do away with that silent pressure. Get that noise out of your head.

    Tell yourself a story of confidence. Something that is going to motivate you every single day and will keep you in peak state. Trust this process. It will pay off, but it won’t be easy. The sacrifices you are going to have to make are going to be frustrating but they will be necessary. If you can stick with it, the rewards will be beautiful. But you have to be willing to sacrifice and stay with it every single day, even when it gets boring, monotonous or mundane.

    When it moves from less fun to more hard work. You have to want to do the hard work and not what you see on Instagram or Snapchat but the real hard work of being special. Of being different like waking up at 5AM or studying extra to get that ‘A’ or spending time with your family and choosing to invest in the people who are going to invest in you.

    Be different. Don’t buy into that silent pressure.


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