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  • With the season less than two months away, these next few weeks are critical to the success you’ll have as a basketball player this year. Here is your simple check list for this preseason:


    Become the most well-conditioned athlete on your team. Fight through fatigue in your workouts. Utilize that tired feeling as a way to build the physical and mental toughness you will need to compete at the end of games. The vehicle that drives your success as an athlete is your body, so make sure all the parts are well-conditioned and ready for the challenges ahead.


    Too often players will waste the preseason and be unaware of the great opportunity to establish their leadership from Day 1 during the preseason workouts. Lead by example with consistent, dedicated, and unrelenting hustle. Lead verbally with confidence, great tone, and passion. Preseason is often a time when team camaraderie is built, so foster that growth with every-day enthusiasm.


    Trying to get better ‘at it all’ is a lofty and unattainable goal in the preseason. Have a committed and structured focus to the areas of your game you are looking to improve. Write down your daily goals, chart the results, and build the habits of play that are required to be a championship level point guard. Determine these areas and then dedicate the next 6-8 weeks with a ‘rage to improve’ mentality.


    How tough are you? Do you truly control the controllable in your workouts? Do you focus on your improvement and development? Or, are you always blaming a coach or questioning a teammate? The latter will never serve your efforts to become a great basketball player. Use the preseason as a time to focus on your development, your improvement, and your toughness. If you want to be great, you’ve got to be mentally tougher than the rest as you prepare for the many uncontrollable factors you’ll face.

    Personally, this is my favorite time of year. It is easy to identify the athletes that are committed to having a great season by how much they work these upcoming weeks. Are you going to be that athlete?

    It’s time to attack this preseason with a check list built for success!


    Join us this summer and discover how to become a playmaker, lead your team, and run the show.
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