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  • One of the most overlooked skills that every great point guard and every great leader possess is the ability to give reminders. If you learn to give reminders, your teammates will play better.

  • “We have two timeouts left.”
  • “#12 is a Shooter.”
  • “When we inbound the ball, they’re going to try and foul us so stay powerful.”
  • However, reminders are only useful before they’re needed. For example, if your teammate lets his or her player score a three pointer to bring the other team into the lead and you yell at your teammate, then you are not leading or reminding, you are complaining.

    Great point guards recognize a situation before it happens and give reminders ahead of time. Instead of yelling at your teammate to get a hand up on the shooter after the shot is made, remind her at a dead ball, during a timeout or throughout the defensive possession.

    Get in the habit of giving your teammates many reminders such as:

  • “You can run the baseline.”
  • “#12 is left handed.” 
  • “We’re switching this back screen”
  • Great floor leaders are in the habit of constantly giving relevant information to their teammates before they need it.

    Discover how to become a great communicator, lead your team and run the show at one of our PGC camps near you.


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