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  • The “N” in NITE Communication stands for Names. Leadership guru, Dale Carnegie, said “the most beautiful sound in any language is the sound of someone’s name.” People love to hear their names. Your teammates will play better for you and you’ll get their attention quicker, on court, just by using their names.

    Now because of PGC I have built the habit of using a waiter or waitresses’ name at a restaurant or the clerk’s name in a grocery store check out line. I try to use their name as many times as I can. Why? People love to hear their names so I started keeping track of all the free or discounted things I get, solely by using people’s names. It was a lot.

    On the basketball court, it so important to use someone’s name. Don’t just make noises that make you sound like a howler monkey in heat. We’re humans. Use a name to get someone’s attention quickly, to give them instruction.

    The hardest part is learning to use names before the piece of instruction you want to give.

    If you say “Remember to box out!” Can you guarantee your teammate heard the information? No.

    What if you say “Remember to box out!, Regan” What can you nearly guarantee that your teammate heard? Their name. You always hear your name. Think about it. Someone could be gossiping and whispering about you in the next building and you would hear your name.

    So get in the habit of using names first. “Regan, Remember to box out!” Now you can start to be confident that your teammate got the information they need to be successful.

    It is difficult because saying names at the end of the sentence is “counter cultural.” You must be intentional about training yourself to use names on the court, before the reminder you wish to give.


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