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  • Your hips are your engines. Plain and Simple.

    Having a strong core is essential to controlled movement, but many basketball players underestimate the importance of actually strengthening their hips and hip flexors. I can speak from personal experience that I worked the muscles around my hips (quads, glutes, and hamstrings) in isolation, and improved my “wheels” which isn’t wasted time, but I could have been more efficient by strengthening the engines and improving the wheels all in one.

    I’ve been fortunate to spend time around some of the world’s best basketball strength and conditioning coaches and I have seen over and over a holistic approach to keeping basketball players’ bodies (their vehicles) strong and healthy during the season. Many players train extremely hard during the pre-season, improving their vehicle, and neglect the “maintenance” during the season.

    My hope is these 5 band exercises can give you a way to give your vehicle the maintanence and potential improvement it needs to keep you performing at your highest level throughout the season.

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    Here is a link to where you can purchase a band. I would start with a green band and work your way up to a blue band, focusing on doing each exercise with incredible hip and body control.

    Lastly, I would recommend spending 5 minutes to stretch out your hips and hip flexors after completing these exercises. For tips on what strengthening exercises may fit you best, email me directly at chad@pgcbasketball.com

    Start your engines!!


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