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    The Most Important Decision You Can Make as a Basketball Player

    There is one decision I feel confident no player will regret; that the greatest honor bestowed upon a player is to be remembered as a great teammate. I was a good teammate, but if I could go back and change one thing, I would have pursued being the greatest teammate ever.

    I remember being at the Final Four in Indianapolis when Duke beat Butler for the National Championship.  It was a blast to watch that amazing run, only to be followed up with another great one.  I walked away wondering what was the special ingredient.

    Months later, I was reading about how their journey began. It was a team meeting in which the players decided that they wanted to be remembered as the greatest teammates ever.  I was floored.  What an amazing perspective for college players to have. Looking back, I am not surprised because they had a great teacher and leader.

    This year I had the honor of coaching a five-time PGC Grad.  He was an average player, small in stature and size, but one unbelievable teammate.  His work ethic was second to none.  He gave his all, to his development as a player. 

    We had many talks throughout the year.  Many of them focused on how frustrated he was that he put in so much work but he was not seeing that effort reflected in playing time.  This is a healthy conversation between a player and a coach but what was even healthier was that, despite his lack of playing time, his effort as a teammate never wavered.  In fact, I have never seen a player be so intentional about serving his teammates.  He wrote them letters, took them out to eat, rebounded for them, had meaningful conversations, and even took them to vote!

    I’ll never forget one of our last conversations of the year.  He asked a great question,

    Do you think I will regret having spent so much time on basketball and having played so little?

    My response required zero thought, “Absolutely not.”  I had several reasons for my answer, and I am not sure I have ever felt more confident in an answer.  If he had not worked so hard, there would have been no example set.  His teammates would not have had the same respect for him. 

    Besides his teammates, other people may not think of him first when they think of our national championship team, but I will.  What was our special ingredient?  We had phenomenal teammates, and it started with him.  I know it takes talent to win.  It takes a lot more than talent to be a championship team.  Small, not super fast, decent shooter, heart of a champion, and a lottery pick as a teammate.  When he looks back on his career, he will be able to say what the special ones do, “I gave more than I got.”  There will be no regrets when his teammates recount his contributions in 20 years.  I have great news for all players…being a great teammate is a choice, and you have what it takes.  It’s a decision you will never regret. 


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