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  • SOURCE: by Brent Davis | November 01, 2010

    Point Guard College summer instructor, David Burnett, heads overseas to Africa to make an impact.

    From Rookie of the Year to two-time MVP, Dave Burnett was a fixture on the University of Waterloo men’s basketball team for five seasons.

    Now, he’s taking his skills and experience to the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, where he’ll volunteer at a basketball program in one of the city’s most troubled neighborhoods.

    Already planning to take a year off before launching into graduate studies, Burnett was looking to do some travelling while also volunteering his time for a worthy cause.

    “It’s a brand new opportunity,” Burnett, 23, said. “It’s right up my alley. I could not be more excited, in terms of being able to go to help others, and learning from others.”

    When Burnett leaves in a few days, he’ll be taking three 50-pound bags filled with even more donated equipment and clothing. “I’m just overwhelmed by the community response,” said the former Waterloo point guard.

    [Complete article – “Former UW basketball star to hold court in Kenya“]

    Burnett [an instructor at PGCs Essentials, Think The Game and The Prep School sessions] will spend two months working with the men’s Mennonite Knights and women’s Mennonite Warriors teams. The teams offer young men and women the chance to rise above the crowds and crime that have come to characterize the Eastleigh slum.


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