Think the Game Thursday: The Curry Scurry

Today’s video is an offensive drill video called the “Curry Scurry.” Anybody that watches Stephen Curry knows he has an incredible ability to get open. He knows how to play without the basketball.

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Beat Aggressive Defenders

Think the Game Thursday: 3 Ways to Beat Aggressive Defenders

An aggressive defenders is actually an opportunity for you. Discover 3 effective ways to cause havoc for aggressive defenders.

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Think the Game Thursday: Post Moves To Shred Any Defense

Players at any position can find themselves in the post. Discover how to accurately read the defense and make the correct decision.

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Rebound Like a Pro

Think the Game Thursday: Rebound Like A Pro

Having an attitude of crashing every possession will separate you from your opponents. Join PGC Director Jayson Wells as he gives you specific tips for being able to rebound like a pro.

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Think the Game Thursday: Make More Free Throws

Scoring more points can be as easy as making more free throws. Without changing your form or technique, discover key habits to become a more consistent free throw shooter.

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Chris Paul Shooting

Think the Game Thursday: Mastering the Midrange

In this week’s video, PGC Director Marke Freeman shares a basketball shooting drill that will help you master your midrange shot. Complete this basketball shooting drill and you will get a total of 200 quality shots. You need to make 40 shots from each spot, practicing 4 reads per spot (5 right, 5 left).

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Think the Game Thursday: Become a Better Defender Today

How was your defense this season? If you found yourself trying multiple approaches to improve but with minimal result, I suggest you stop and focus on these four simple concepts from PGC Director Tyler Coston.

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Trae Young Finishing Move

Think the Game Thursday: Finishing Like Trae Young

Great Finishers know they need multiple moves in the paint to score on great defenders. Trae Young has mastered reading the defense, as well as the footwork needed to be a great finisher. Join PGC Director Adam Turner, as he walks through the 3 dynamic finishes Trae Young uses to score in the paint.

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