How To Score In Transition | Think The Game Thursday July 23 – Players

Discover an easy way to score more in transition and how to check your ego. Plus, a 5 minute killer-ball handling workout!

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Become A Great Defender | Think The Game Thursday July 16 – Players

Discover many ways to grow yourself into a great defender – all in this week’s TTGT!

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Special Leadership | Think The Game Thursday July 9 – Players

Discover three ways to grow yourself as a leader and what the most frustrating part about coaching you is.

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Dominant Vision | Think The Game Thursday July 2 – Players

The best playmakers in the game have mastered court vision to a point where it seems they have eyes on the back of their head. If you want to become a dominant playmaker, PGC Director Tyler Coston describes three levels of court vision that all great playmakers have in their toolbox.

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Basketball Myth: Use Your Legs!

“USE YOUR LEGS!” Whether it’s at the lowest levels or at the highest levels of play, this is a cliche that isn’t necessarily accurate. Join PGC Director, Tyler Coston as he shares a technique that will get you more power and shoot with more accuracy further away from the rim.

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Are You Recruitable?

One day, a college coach may ask your coach, if you’re deserving of a college scholarship. Will your coach vouch for you?

Here are 3 questions every player should ask themselves to discover if they’re recruitable.

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Courageous Conversations

If you want to be great in this game, understand you can’t do it alone. One of the most important relationships that will help you on your basketball journey is the one you have with your coach. And if you play long enough, you will have a tough conversation with your coach, because things won’t always go your way. 

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Increase Your Mental Toughness

Less than 5% of training time is spent on the mind. It’s like a muscle. If you don’t train it, it doesn’t grow.

On the other hand, if you do train it, you give yourself a great chance to become a more focused, productive, and successful basketball player. Here are three ways to train your mental toughness.

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