“One of the most powerful and inspiring teachers I have met. His attitude, positivity, and high expectations are second to none.”
Chad Harvey

Tyler Coston, a full-time course director and clinician with PGC Basketball, first attended Point Guard College in 1998 and was instructed by Dick DeVenzio. In 1999, Tyler led Lynden Christian High School to the Washington State Championship and earned first-team All-State honors. He went on to play university basketball at Trinity Western University, where he was named to the Canada West All-Rookie team. He then transferred to the University of Alberta and helped lead the Golden Bears to Canada West Gold and a spot in the national tournament in 2004.

From 2005-2007, Tyler coached the women’s basketball team at Trinity Western University while simultaneously running a skills-development program that produced five Division I (USA) athletes. In 2007, he accepted a position as Assistant Coach at Portland State University. During his first year at Portland State, the Vikings won the Big Sky Conference with an overall record of 23-8. After Portland State captured the Big Sky Conference tournament, they went on to the NCAA Tournament where they lost to the eventual 2008 champions, the Kansas Jayhawks.

Tyler is married to his wife Stephanie, who lights up the room with her smile. The couple have two daughters: Kody Sway (3), who loves to give hugs and ask questions; and Charlie Ens (8 months), who laughs more than she cries.

Tyler is a full-time course director with PGC.

Favorite Quote:

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Twitter: @TylerCoston

Career History

  • Director, PGC Basketball* 2008-present
  • Founder, HoopStar Basketball Club 2008-2015
  • Coach, Portland State University 2007-2008
  • Coach,Trinity Western University, 2005-2006
  • FoundCoach, HIJ High School, 2014-16
  • Point Guard, University of Alberta, 2002-2005
  • Point Guard, Trinity Western University, 1999-2002
  • Point Guard, LCHS, 1997-1999

Career Highlights

  • State Champion, All-State Team
  • All-Conference, All-Rookie Team
  • Canada West Champion, Elite Eight
  • Team Captain, 4-year starter
  • College 40% 3pt

An Inside Look at Tyler Teaching

What They’re Saying About Tyler

“Tyler, just a quick thank you for an excellent week at PGC Game-Time. I appreciate the effort and passion you put into your teaching. I learned a great deal from you. In addition to coaching girls in basketball, I am a dean and science teacher. Whenever I attend a PGC session, I find that what I learn can be applied in all three of my jobs and I plan to implement PGC concepts right away. More than anything, your love of teaching the game of basketball inspires me to do my best and keep things fresh.”
Mike Clancy
, Rye, NY

“Tyler, I want to personally thank you for your fantastic work and dedication. I am not a basketball coach, but I attended PGC with my daughters, Rachel and Alice. I am a lifelong success coach and entrepreneur. I am very impressed by PGC’s concepts, organizational design, and curriculum. You were a great ambassador for PGC. Your passion, precision as a Director, and the alignment of who you are & what you do is impressive.”
Kisha Bayly
, Moscow, ID

“Coach Tyler has really impressed me by the leadership, charisma, and passion that he brought to these athletes each and every day! I couldn’t have asked for more and I will be returning to PGC and will be looking for the sessions that Coach “T” leads.”
Coach Rich Calcaterra

“Tyler exudes humility, leadership, and passion for helping others. He is wise beyond his years! He’s a special person at a special organization.”
Coach Kevin Morgan

“I just wanted to thank you for allowing my son and I to observe last week at your essentials course. Your camps are so outstanding that I would even recommend them to people with no involvement in basketball as a study in personal excellence and leadership. As always I came away with great information to take to my team, and Caidin left with a light in his eyes and a burning desire to be involved with PGC camps! Your ability to engage and captivate the athletes in the classroom is amazing, and the PGC curriculum is basketball on a higher level than anything I have seen taught. Your staff is excellent as well, nearly every coach came over to engage Caidin and I in conversation, showing a genuine interest and making us feel very welcome. My athletes who attended came away eager to lead our team to a new level of excellence, and tell me they have many new drills and skills to improve our team practices. My congratulations on a job very well done!”
Aaron Hill
, Parent of PGC Grad

“Tyler, the week that I spent with you at PGC was the best week of my life. It meant so much. I made varsity this year as a freshman and I just found out today that I will be starting! I couldn’t have done it without you and I want to thank you for everything. I plan to return to attend the Point Guard College course. Thanks so much.”
Tanner Hein

“I liked how Coach Tyler Coston taught. You made the game (and the things people do while playing it) make sense. You helped me to understand why I do the things I do, and what I can do to fix what I do wrong.”
Morgan Kennedy

“Thank you for everything…from giving me goals to work toward to rekindling my love for the game. I’m never going to forget the things you taught us at the camp. PGC changed my life. If it wasn’t for you I definitely wouldn’t be here going to school on a scholarship!”
Glenn Gravengard




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